Two Insignificant Obsessive Friends Found Journaling

Nike & I brought a bibliophile journal when we went to Women & Children First bookstore. And for someone who reads a lot of literary work, indeed, that was the lousiest opening line ever. Anyway, it was actually Nike’s idea to write down the journal together. The journal’s name is pretty obvious; it’s about a journal in which you write down your impression on books you read. The illustrations are dope, and it has lists of book recommendations, and some random facts about famous fictions.

My first entry is Sandra Cisneros’ zine Puro Amor(Pure Love), a beautiful homage for Frida Kahlo (Missus Rivera!) and the idea of home’s generating eternal flame of love. Excuse my exuberant word choices; clearly, someone is inconsolable these days. The zine captures Frida’s love for animals in the most exciting, subtle, and unconditional. Unlike what she has for ugh Diego Rivera. The story is full of kisses, compassionate ones for womanhood and solitude. Frida’s creativity is a room of one’s own filled with her animalitos, passion colors and fruits. I really miss the juicy mango that I used to pick from my late maternal grandma’s home after reading this.

Nike is interrupting here

I first thought it was cheesy to have a journal together. What next, #BFF #ILOVEYOU3000 in our self-delusional tweets or captions next time? But then I realize, huh I’m that cheesy. Not sorry, because when it comes to friends and reading and reading with friends, I’m emotional. Pepe’s comments on the journal are accurate.The book is colorful and has illustrations. Pictures of cats and foods in fiction are a good incentive. But in my case, this book is also a site of interaction (ceileh) because I’m bored with WA and twitter and Instagram, you name it. 

My first entry is a novella by Hiroko Oyamada The Factory. I finished it three weeks ago. And not yet reading any novels after that. Damn. I should pick up another one. Winter break datanglah! 

the handwriting of the greatest loser alive

What have you and your friends been reading lately?

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